Monday, December 5, 2011

Dorm Life

 I picked dorm life as a topic for my documentary, because I wanted to hear how the students felt about staying on campus. Freshmen year a lot of students are required to live on campus, but people rarely get their insight as to how they feel about the conditions they live in. This documentary will give current students and future students insight about on campus living. It will include some positive and some negative aspects but will leave you with some perspectives of campus living overall.

Here You can see images of the dorms on SIUC campus.
Shown is an image of the towers, which include Schneider Hall and Mae Smith.
Shown is an image of the dorm styles in the Thompson Point area.

Here is a broad view of the towers.
Shown is an image of dorm styles from Allen and Boomer Hall.

Shown is an image of all the Triads.  

 Here You can listen to the Dorm Life Documentary :